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So you have decided to create a DOOH ad? Great choice! Through DOOH you have the chance to reach multiple target audiences, and the statistics show that it works exceptionally well if you want the customers to act on your message.

To make the most of your ad and get the results you’re aiming for, there are a few things to think about when creating it. Here follows a short guide. Please let us know if you have any questions, or if you want our help to produce the ad. Already produced a vertical DOOH AD? Drag and drop it to VA Preview to get an idea of what it will look like on location.

Goal & purpose

When it comes to communication, you should always ask yourself two questions:

• What’s our goal?
• Why are we doing this?

The answer to these questions depend on how you want the customers to react. Do you want more subscribers, sell tickets to a concert or get people to visit your newly opened store? Usually, your ad will gain on a distinct call to action.

Goal & Purpose

Shape & message

When you know the purpose of your communication, it’s easier to decide what your main message should be. A DOOH ad is usually shown for 5 seconds, and the customer will see about 2–4 seconds of it. With that in mind, there are a few things to think about:

• The amount of text – dare to choose. A clear message is the single most important part to generate a reaction from the customer. If you have a lot to say, add a link to your homepage (or other main channel of communication).

• Readability – work with contrast and fonts. Also, bare in mind the surrounding : A snowy day in January may differ from a bright summer evening.

• Choice of color – strong colors usually gain attention, although your brand and main message are more important when it comes to getting the customers to act.

• Motion – people react to movement and animation, so it may help emphasize your message. However, the movements need to harmonize with the layout. If the movements are too many or too fast, people will focus on the wrong thing and miss your point.

Shape & Message


Depending on where the customer is, there might be advantages in customizing the message. What target audience moves in the specific area; how does a train station differ from a shopping mall? Do you have a store in close connection or are there any other perks with the certain location?



People buy more coffee during weekday mornings and the queues to ice cream stands lengthen when the sun is out. Often there are certain times and outer factors that affect peoples’ needs and cravings. Knowing this, there are several ways to increase relevance – and by doing that, create a more efficient ad. With dynamic connections, you can customize your ad according to different conditions: Choose to show your ad certain weekdays or dayparts, follow the train departures or communicate different messages depending on the current weather. There are lots of dynamic possibilities, since almost every database can be connected to the computer in the screen.


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